NXTGENbps Goat – 5kW/4.8kWh Battery Generator – Powercon



Warranty: 5 Year Guarantee 

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NXTGENbps Goat – 5kW/4.8kWh Battery Generator – Powercon is expandable up to a max of 139.2 kWh via the NXTGENbps Billy Goat 9.6kWh. Ideal for various applications including on-location lighting, video setups, production offices, catering, DIT, charging stations, heavy-duty tools, camper vans, houseboats, home storage, and more.

The NXTGENbps Goat portable power solution features a built-in Pure Sine inverter for safeguarding sensitive equipment. It accepts various power sources such as Solar Capture, DC and AC inputs. It can be quickly charged via a Type 2 car charger, achieving a full 0-100% charge in under 2 hours at up to 20A. The generator can be used while charging, extending kWh capacity.

Extremely Robust design Cast Aluminium and Carbon Fibre casing suitable for all conditions IP67, We have taken the idea of clean portable power to a new level for professional users.