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Powering Industry Sustainably
At NXTGENbps we are proud to bring to the market zero emission, silent, green battery generators as the authorised distributor of green battery power solutions for UK, Ireland and EMEA. We are on a mission to help a range of industries, including entertainment, construction and agriculture, transition from harmful diesel generators to clean, sustainable battery power.
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NXTGENbps Goat
The NXTGENbps Goat 5kW/4.8kWh is a compact and portable battery powered generator. Suitable for use on-location, studios, camping, events, and more.
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NXTGENbps Meerkat
The NXTGENbps Meerkat portable battery storage system is designed to provide portable electrical power up to a maximum of 16A, with a 230VAC industrial output.
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NXTGENbps Bear
The NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 supplies 25kWH of power up to 49.5kVA load current, designed to provide the full 25kWH within the ambient temperature range of -20 – 45 degrees centigrade.
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The NXTGENbps Owl Monitoring and Power Distribution Box - Energy Track Pro. See how much power you really use. 
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Battery Power Solutions

As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, it’s imperative that every sector takes steps towards reducing its carbon footprint. The entertainment and construction sector is beginning to transition with the use of environmentally friendly HVO fuels but has to change its ways of working to move to fully sustainable battery power. This shift is crucial for industry to contribute on a global scale to a greener and more sustainable future.

The entertainment, agriculture and construction industry have the power to drive positive change.

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Say Goodbye to Diesel

NXTGENbps Objectives:

Educate: Spread awareness about the environmental impact of diesel generators in industry and highlight the benefits of battery power.

Advocate: Encourage industry stakeholders, location and production companies, construction suppliers and event organizers to invest in clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Collaborate: Support research and development in battery technology for location applications, fostering innovation in the sector. Work with other industries to take lessons learnt into the Film and TV industry.

Celebrate Sustainability: Recognise and appreciate those within the industry who embrace eco-friendly practices, setting an example for others.

Embracing Battery Power: Benefits and Impact

Understanding the Urgency: Climate Change Facts

The entertainment industry has long been associated with glamour and creativity, but it’s also a significant contributor to carbon emissions. Here are some climate change facts that underline the urgency of adopting sustainable practices, in the use of Power:

  • Carbon Footprint: Diesel generators, commonly used to power film sets, construction sites, events, and productions, emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and pollutants that degrade air quality, contributing to global warming.
  • Environmental Impact: Diesel generators release particulate matter and nitrogen oxides that not only affect the climate but also pose serious health risks to both industry workers and the surrounding communities.
  • Energy Demand: The entertainment and construction industry’s energy consumption is substantial, making it essential to transition to cleaner energy sources to mitigate its impact on the environment.


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