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NXTGENbps Bear - 50kW/25kWh

The NXTGENbps Bear 50kW /25kWh is available in two different configurations, ideal for Film and TV, entertainment events, agriculture and construction. With or without a trailer. The units can be daisy chained to increase kWh to a maximum of 150kWh at 50KW.

IP54 rated. Weight 650kilos. Draw power and charge simultaneously. Swiss design. Extremely robust build. Approved by NATO

Dependant on Configuration the Unit the bespoke design of the inverter can be used to invert 13A , 230V  Single Phase – 63A , 415V 3 Phase alleviating the need to upgrade cabling. 

The NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 is designed and built in Switzerland, using only the highest quality/precision of components on the market from the Aerospace industry and Automotive . The NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 utilizes the same cell technology used in the international space station. Alongside this is cell management software designed specifically for our products to provide longevity of the cells. With their noise free sine wave form conforms to the stipulated voltage and frequency tolerances, allowing them to be used with the most sensitive of equipment.  Remote access and monitoring including GPS tracking comes with the units as standard. The units can charge and discharge simultaneously, so if you have access to a standard 13A socket and above, you can be trickle feeding the units whilst in use.

NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 supplies 25kWH of power up to 49.5kVA load current, designed to provide the full 25kWH within the ambient temperature range of -20 – 45 degrees centigrade.  This is achieved by building plenty of redundancy into the system, which also enables the cell management technology to look after the system, for up to two weeks once fully discharged.

50 kVa/ 25kWh

The NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 supplies 25kWH of power up to 49.5kVA load current, designed to provide the full 25kWH within the ambient temperature range of -20 – 45 degrees centigrade. The units can be daisy chained to increase kWh to a maximum of 150kWh at 50KW.

650KG Weight

The NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 weighs only 650KG and is suitable for towing under a standard driving license. The NXTGENbps Goat 4.8kW unit only weighs 70Kg ensuring portability for your next production.

Remote Monitoring

The NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 generator all has remote monitoring built-in with GPS tracking so you can constantly keep an eye on battery levels and location whilst remotely troubleshooting any faults.


Our NXTGENbps generators utilise the latest in advanced battery technology delivering clean and sustainable power without purging the earth’s precious natural metals. We work with manufacturers enabling the recycling of all our battery cells into other useful electronic appliances.

Silent Operation

The NXTGENbps Bear 50/25 emits just 52dB of noise comparable to a refrigerator hum whilst diesel generators typically generate noise levels of 100dB comparable to a jackhammer. NXTGENbps generators not only reduce noise pollution but the long-term effects of loud generator usage on hearing loss.

Zero Emissions

We believe that power shouldn’t cost the planet. Ther NXTGENbps generators range are all zero-emission supporting the need for net carbon-neutral productions without compromising on power requirements.

In addition to the above, all units have the capability to provide more kVA for short periods (depending on draw) this covers initial powering up of multiple appliances simultaneously, fluctuating ballast or tungsten lights reaching temp etc.

Weighing in at just under 650KG the 25kWh can be trailer mounted and pulled by anyone holding a UK driving license, they are also small enough to be mounted directly into the back of any regular van, providing full flexibility on location and for transportation.

All units can be daisy chained in multiple configurations of up to 6 units ie:

  • 25 – 25 -25 -25 – 25 – 25 will give you the ability to charge and draw power simultaneously for 150kWH at 49.5kVA

Charging can be carried out from any standard 13A plug socket, solar panels, 16A S/P, 32 S/P, 16A 3/P, 32A 3/P (dependant on configuration). 

  • Strength and Power: Bears are strong animals, representing the robust power output of 50/25 battery generator, which can handle high-energy demands at a low weight of 650kg
  • Durability: Bears are known for their resilience, paralleling the durable and long-lasting nature of this unit, tested to military standards. 6000 cycles minimum guaranteed. We have tested levels that double this.
  • Reliability: Just as bears are dependable in finding food sources, the bear battery generators offer proven, They have been successfully deployed in the construction industry for over 2 years. Now specially adapted for reliable power sources for film, TV, and events.