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NXTGENbps Goat - 5kW, Power & Control

The NXTGENbps Goat is 5kW/4.8kh and is expandable up to a max of 139.2 kWh via the NXTGENbps Billy Goat 9.6kWh. Ideal for various applications including on-location lighting, video setups, production offices, catering, DIT, charging stations, heavy-duty tools, camper vans, houseboats, home storage, and more.

The NXTGENbps Goat portable power solution features a built-in Pure Sine inverter for safeguarding sensitive equipment. It accepts various power sources such as Solar Capture, DC and AC inputs. It can be quickly charged via a Type 2 car charger, achieving a full 0-100% charge in 45 mins (7kw charger). The generator can be used while charging, extending kWh capacity.

Extremely Robust design Cast Aluminium and Carbon Fibre casing suitable for all conditions IP67, We have taken the idea of clean portable power to a new level for professional users.

98% Recyclable

Weight: 78.5Kg, 103Kg (With Cage) 

Draw Power and Charge simultaneously. 

German Design 


Robust Cage Option for Portability 

Solar Charging 60-140V 

Power or CEE Form 16/32A Outputs.

Type 2 EV Charging Cable Available

5 Year Guarantee

5kW/ 4.8kWh

The NXTGENbps Goat supplies 5kWH of power up to 4.8kW. The Goat can be expanded up to 134kWh through daisy-chaining the Billy Goat 9.6kW Expansion Pack.

78.5KG Weight

The NXTGENbps Goat weighs only 78.5KG and is suitable for portable power requirements. The robust cage option enables portability regardless of location.

Solar Charging

The Goat has solar charging capturing free, sustainable power even whilst power is being drawn from the unit. A great partner to NXTGENbps Solar Panels, the NXTGENbps Goat enables solar charging between 60 to 140V.


Our NXTGENbps generators utilise the latest in advanced battery technology delivering clean and sustainable power without purging the earth’s precious natural metals. We work with manufacturers enabling the recycling of all our battery cells into other useful electronic appliances.

Silent Operation

NXTGENbps generators all have near silents operation, eliminating the need to run excess cabling and rigging from your power solution to your set. NXTGENbps generators not only reduce noise pollution but the long-term effects of loud generator usage on hearing loss.

Zero Emissions

We believe that power shouldn’t cost the planet. NXTGENbps generators range are all zero-emission supporting the need for net carbon-neutral productions without compromising on power requirements.

The Expansion pack, connected via a flexible cable, enhances the main unit’s 4.8kWh battery to 5kW – 14.6kWh. Up to 14 units can be linked, creating an uninterrupted power supply up to 134KWh, suitable for production/rental fleets.

Based on the Golz Batt Pak, the NXTGENbps Goat generator offers two NXTGENbps exclusive models with 16 or 32A CEE Form or Powercon connectors for secure connectivity.

This lithium-ion battery generator is a cleaner and more durable alternative to traditional generators, using Solar, Wind, or grid power as fuel.

Exclusively distributed in the UK with dealership options. Developed with Golz, it provides 2 versions based on the Golz Batt Pak with Powercon or CEE Form connectors.

Agility: Goats are agile climbers, symbolizing the ability of our 5kWh battery generator which has a mobile cage with large wheels and low weight that is easily transported and so can be set up in various locations quickly.

Versatility: Goats can adapt to different terrains, highlighting the adaptable nature of this unit  – it can be daisy-chained up to 16 units, it is IP67 rated so can happily operate in the rain.

Stamina: Goats have high stamina levels, similarly, this unit can provide continuous power for extended periods with hot swapping, charging whilst using and daisy chaining with the expansion pack we call the Billy Goat that will enable an additional 9.6kWh of output.

NXTGENbps Billy Goat - 9.6kWh Expansion Battery

Extend how long you can power your NXTGENbps Goat with the 9.6kWh Expansion Unit, the NXTGENBps Billy Goat. The Billy Goat offers an additional 9.6kWh of power, increasing the capacity of the Goat from 4.8kWh up to 14.4kWh so you can keep powering for longer. 

Daisy-chain up to a massive 139.2kWh via 14 expansion Billy Goat units. With a simple plug-and-go connection, the 9.6kWh Expansion Unit, the Billy Goat is the perfect partner to the NXTGENbps Goat – 4.8kWh/ 5kW.