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About Us

NXTGENbps – battery power solutions – is the innovational brand from Broadcast and Production Services (BPS).  

BPS has been supporting Film, TV and wider industries with image capture, sound and lighting equipment as a dealer of all leading brands for 20 years.

All our products feature PURE GREEN POWER and have animal-inspired names emphasising the attributes and benefits they find common with animals perfectly adapted to nature which is our mission to protect.

We are a dedicated, proactive, and helpful team, but most of all, we are super nice to work with. This is why our customers return to us time after time. Between the dedicated team of 15 talented individuals, we have a combination of over 150 years of experience in TV and Film. Customer service is at the heart of our organisation.

Corporate responsibility: We recognise what’s important in our industry right now. We are an Albert certified supplier and have been awarded the DPP committed to sustainability four-leaf accreditation mark. We have partnerships with several industry charities and professional bodies to support diversity and talent development.

Learn more about our customer service-focused team here. 

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are passionate about helping industry transition to green energy and focusing on greener, more sustainable products. NXTGENbps offers battery powered solutions to transition away from diesel and HVO generators. Over the last 2 years we have been researching and working with manufacturers from around the world to bring you the best of breed zero emission green power solutions to cover all needs of the market.

NXTGENbps generators offer a powering capacity from 4.8kWh to 50kWh and beyond via daisy-chaining. Our battery-powered generator range offers silent, emission-free, sustainable power replacing diesel generators for a wide range of applications with varying power demands. 

Our generators can not only be powered through traditional UK mains plugs and the widely expanding network of electric vehicle charging stations across the country. Our generators capture pure green power via solar, wind, and hydro sources. 

As this market evolves, we continue to seek out new innovations and work with our partners to develop improvements and new products to bring to our customers. If you would like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you – please get in touch via our contact page.

Albert is leading a charge against climate change bringing the Film and TV industries together to tackle environmental impact. NXTGENbps is proud to be an Albert Supplier meaning we commit to going the extra mile to be green in everything we do and support our clients to work towards net carbon zero. Albert is not only focused on raising environmental issues but also show and normalise the actions needed to take for a more sustainable future.

DPP is the media industry's business network encouraging efficiency through collaboration. DPP is at the forefront of championing sustainability providing practical frameworks stimulating progress against environmental goals. NXTGENbps is proud to be part of the commitment to sustainability programme, holding four leaf accreditation, focused on promoting good pratice in environmental sustainability.

The Fuel Project Phase II: The Supplier Fuel Study, is an unprecedented piece of research. NXTGENbps is proud to be a contributor to this collaborative initiative, helping to determine the most reliable carbon footprint for London's AV sector, and develop a decarbonisation pathway for suppliers road transport and mobile power fleets. This research is a significant step toward industry-wide sustainability.