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NXTGENbps Owl - Energy Track Pro Monitoring Solution

The NXTGENbps Owl Monitoring and Power Distribution Box. See how much power you really use. Accurate live monitoring, save and export true energy use data. 

Monitor your power consumption from any power source to get a true and accurate report of usage. Individual sockets can be renamed such as per department or equipment. Graph and chart display options at various selectable intervals to record kW, kWh, current, voltage input, power factor, and frequency. Consumption can be monitored as either total consumption or individual sockets. 

Designed for ease of use on set for use in existing power set-ups. With the initiative desktop app, take control of your data with exporting via email with various file types including CSV. Six different confirguations are available, bespoke on request to alter sockets included.  

Warranty Period: 36 Months Warranty on all Parts and Manufacturing Defects

Built to Endure Harsh Conditions: The NXTGENbps Owl Energy Track Pro enclosures are IP rated up to IP67 to provide peace of mind when in poor weather conditions. 

Designed and Built in the UK: All of our NXTGENbps The Owl Energy Track Pro Monitoring Box are made locally in the UK and hold Made in Britain certification. 

Benefits of The NXTGENbps Owl Energy Track Pro Monitoring Box:

  • Personalised Dashboard connected through the Cloud that can be customised to show you the exact information you require. 
  • Weather, Tariffs, Data Reports, Virtual Sensors, Actions & Alerts and Archival Data Visualisation can all be added to the subscription package.
  • Ideal for Generator Hire Companies, Event Companies and the EV Charging World to name a few.

Included Functions

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Automated Energy Billing
  • Remote Energy Monitoring and Control
  • Building Energy Managements
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Visualisation of Energy Use
  • Full Customisable Dashboards

Silent Operation: Owls are known for their quiet flight, symbolizing the noiseless operation of battery generators. Of course the data recorder is silent too.

Efficiency: Owls are efficient hunters; similarly, the smart meter is designed to measure use of power enabling a more efficient and sustainable use of power

Adaptability: Owls have excellent night vision and adapt to various environments, our smart meter can be plugged into any power source to record and report a wide range of data via a remote app. The dashboard is fully configurable to the exact user requirements.