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NXTGENbps Solar

NXTGENbps Solar Panels enable you to capture sustainable power on location allowing to keep charging at zero cost. At NXTGENbps, we offer two variations of our solar panels – either our modular lightweight robust solar panels or our flexible portable folding solar panels for on the go. Both variations are rated at IP67 providing peace of mind in poor weather conditions and are compatible with the NXTGENbps The Goat 5kW/4.8kWh Battery Generator enabling you to capture clean, green power. 


Lightweight, Portable Design

Foldable Kickstand

Easy Plug-and-Go Connection

IP67 Rated

Suitable for use with NXTGENbps The Goat 5kW/4.8kWh Battery Generator

The NXTGENbps Folding Solar Panels capture up to 400W of power in a lightweight and folding design. The portable design includes integrated magnetic brackets and kickstands for fast set-up and pack up. The innovative high-grade monocrystalline cells deliver a solar efficiency of 22% and the IP67 rating means that the NXTGENbps Folding Solar Panels will capture power regardless of weather conditions. The NXTGENbps Folding Solar Panels includes a waterproof carrying case so you can capture clean, green power on the go. 

Nominal Peak Power (Wp)

Nominal Voltage (Vm)

Nominal Current (Imp)

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 

Short Circuit Voltage (Isc) 

Panel Dimensions

Panel Weight 

IP Classficiation 


Solar Panels Efficiency 

Supplied Accessories 






1074mm x 631mm x 45mm



Easy Plug-and-Go Connection


Waterproof carrying case

NXTGENbps Folding Solar Panels