NXTGENbps Fox S 1kW/2.5Wh Portable Battery

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NXTGENbps Fox S 1kW/2.5Wh Portable Battery (PQ-066-FOX-S) is designed to provide portable electrical power up to a maximum of 16A, with a 230VAC industrial output. The NXTGENbps Fox portable battery storage system is designed for providing portable electrical power up to a maximum of 1kW continuous and 2kW peak (5s) with a 230VAC +/- 10% industrial output.

The Fox is made up of a self contained unit with integrated charger and LED indicator for state of charge. The unit has its own carry handles, pull-out extendable handle and wheels for added portability.

We named the 1kW/2.5kWh Portable Battery the NXTGENbps Fox because it’s an agile light battery, typical use might be an ENG camera crew set up, or small lighting set up at an event or film location. News crews and small event locations operate in urban cities or countryside environment that a Fox would also inhabit.

The FOX S has additional Solar Charging and fast charge USB connector for Laptop/phone.


Dimensions: 260x610x410mm
Charge Time: from 13Amp 3.5hrs
Weight: 32kg

Weight 32 kg


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