NXTGENbps and Green Kit Form Hire Partnership to Promote Sustainable Production 

Hampton, London, UK, 3 January 2024: NXTGENbps, the provider of zero emission, silent, green battery generators, is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Green Kit Ltd, a London-based film lighting hire company specialising in energy efficient lights The NXTGENbps Meerkat and Goat batteries, along with the Goat expansion battery Billy Goat, are innovative portable and sustainable power solutions designed to replace traditional, noisy, and carbon-emitting diesel generators – and they are now available to hire with Green Kit Ltd.  

Sustainability has become a paramount concern for filmmakers and production crews alike. By partnering with Green Kit, NXTGENbps continues to aid the film industry’s sustainability efforts, providing a rental option for a clean, quiet, and reliable power source that aligns with their eco-conscious values.  

“We are thrilled to partner with Green Kit to introduce the NXTGENbps Meerkat, Goat and Billy Goat batteries to the film and broadcast industry,” said Lesley Marr, Director of Sustainability at NXTGENbps. “This partnership signifies our commitment to making sustainable power solutions available for everyone. Hiring batteries from Green Kit will allow crews to reduce their carbon emissions whilst ensuring a seamless, silent production experience.” 

Green Kit recently rented out the Goat to power a satellite link from London to Doha ensuring that the live broadcast from outside of Westminster ran smoothly for the four-hour duration. Martin Langley, cameraman for the broadcast, commented, “Hiring the Goat for this broadcast was a game-changer. It saved the crew tremendous amounts of time with a quick and easy set-up, and being a silent battery generator, we didn’t have to worry about noise interference.”  

Green Kit Ltd is the first rental house to offer the NXTGENbps Goat battery for hire. Green Kit has always been dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of film production, and this collaboration represents a significant step toward a greener future for our industry. Pat McEnallay, Founder of Green Kit, added, “The Goat is a great addition for our organisation. With the industry coming back to full strength, it is important to offer the most advanced, sustainable technology.” 

NXTGENbps offers up a zero emissions power menagerie

NXTGENbps, a pioneer in sustainable power solutions, is making headlines for its innovative zero-emissions generators featured in a recent interview with The Flint, the global news and events hub for media industry sustainability.

With a compelling range of lithium-ion battery-based units, including The Meerkat, The Goat, and The Bear, NXTGENbps is on a mission to make production power in the film, TV, construction, and entertainment industries more sustainable.

Founder John O’Reilly, aka “Jono,” spoke to Neal Romanek Founding Editor of The Flint about the importance of decarbonising power and the superiority of battery-based solutions over traditional alternatives like diesel generators and hydrogen power.

Battery power is the cleanest and the best way forward for the industry. We do have HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) but the problem is that the top-grade oil is still 50% palm oil, and the sustainability is not so good there. And then actually driving back and forth between locations with a truck to refill the generators is not sustainable.


The NXTGENbps battery powered solutions not only reduce carbon footprint but also offer expandability and unique features like USB charging and EV compatibility. NXTGENbps is leading the way in sustainable production solutions, with products like The Owl providing essential monitoring capabilities for efficient power usage. As the industry shifts towards sustainability, NXTGENbps offers a promising path to a greener future.

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NXTGENbps at the KitPlus Show in London

NXTGENbps at the KitPlus Show London

In an era where traditional diesel generators are causing more harm than good, NXTGENbps is making waves with a sustainable alternative. Showcasing at the KitPlus Show in London, we presented a clear solution: the NXTGENbps Goat and NXTGENbps Meerkat sustainable batteries, designed to usher in a new age of zero-emission and silent power.

Our presence at the KitPlus Show helped us make it clear that NXTGENbps is on a mission to help industries transition to cleaner energy, aiming to replace noisy and polluting diesel generators with their eco-friendly alternatives. And it was great to rub shoulders with a diverse array of suppliers and innovations.

Watch Lesley Marr, Business Development and Sustainability Director, talking about her experience of the show:

As she mentions in the interview, Lesley joined in the panel session hosted by Neal Romanek, “How to create a sustainable studio” discussing the framework which allows participating studios to improve their sustainability profile year on year. Her insights during the seminar highlighted the crucial need to embrace sustainability within studio operations, referencing the albert sustainability accreditation as a beacon guiding the way forward.

You can watch the panel session in full in the video below:

NXTGENbps’s participation in the show and the broader conversation on environmental responsibility underlines our commitment to a greener future. We’re not just part of the movement; we’re at the forefront, driving the industry toward sustainable power one battery at a time.