January Newsletter

January Newsletter

2024 is already proving to be an exciting time for NXTGENbps! Read on to find out what we have been up to this month, and to stay in the loop, follow us on social media.

Upcoming Events

BSC Expo 2024

16 – 17 February, Stand Number 303

NXTGENbps is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming BSC Expo, taking place at Battersea Evolution, London, on February 15th (invite only VIP night) 16th-17th general entry, 2024. Partnering with BPS (Broadcast & Production Services), NXTGENbps is showcasing their innovative zero emissions, silent, and sustainable power solutions, as well as launching a brand-new product exclusively at the expo. Read more >

If you would like to meet us at the VIP night (15 February), please contact us to be added to the guestlist!

Latest News

NXTGENbps and Green Kit Form Hire Partnership to Promote Sustainable Production 

NXTGENbps, the provider of zero emission, silent, green battery generators, is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Green Kit Ltd, a London-based film lighting hire company specialising in energy efficient lights The NXTGENbps Meerkat and Goat batteries, along with the Goat expansion battery Billy Goat, are innovative portable and sustainable power solutions designed to replace traditional, noisy, and carbon-emitting diesel generators – and they are now available to hire with Green Kit Ltd. Read more >

NXTGENbps: The Definition Guide to… Batteries!

NXTGENbps, represented by Lesley Marr, Director of Sustainability, has contributed to the Definition Guide to… Batteries, delving into the latest battery technology advancements and their impact on filmmaking practices. The guide explores how recent innovations have led to smaller, more efficient batteries with enhanced energy density, presenting promising opportunities for reducing pollution and streamlining production processes. Read more >

Where to Hire & Buy

NXTGENbps is proud to collaborate with a network of esteemed partners who share our commitment to sustainable, cutting-edge power solutions. Our innovative portable power products, such as the NXTGENbps Meerkat and Goat batteries, alongside the Billy Goat expansion battery and more, are now available for hire or purchase through our network of trusted partners.

Read more >

Celebrating 21 Years of Excellence: BPS – Broadcast & Production Services

In 2024, BPS (Broadcast & Production Services) marks a significant milestone as it celebrates its 21st anniversary. The story of BPS traces its roots back to 2003 when Jono founded the company. Initially operating from a modest garden outbuilding, Jono’s vision for BPS was anchored in his extensive industry knowledge. Read more >

Product Highlights


The NXTGENbps Fox portable battery is designed to provide portable electrical power up to a maximum of 1kW, with a 230V AC industrial output. The battery has its own carry handles and wheels for added portability. An LED indicator is provided to show the charge state of the battery when charging or discharging. Visit the product page here >

December Newsletter

December Newsletter

As we approach the end of 2023, we want to say Thank You for your support and being a part of the NXTGENbps journey. Wishing you the very best for this festive season.

Latest News

Plimsoll Productions saves half a tonne of CO2 with a 12% reduction on costs on Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off with NXTGENbps
Plimsoll Productions saves half a tonne of CO2 with a 12% reduction on costs on Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off with NXTGENbps.

NXTGENbps recently worked with ITV Studios production company Plimsoll Productions to enable it to utilise NXTGENbps Goat green batteries instead of diesel/petrol on its ITV series Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off. Read more >

The Fuel Project Contributor - NXTGENbps

We are passionate about helping industry transition to #greenenergy and focus on more #sustainable products. That’s why we support The Fuel Project Phase II: The Supplier Fuel Study. This research is helping to determine the most reliable carbon footprint for London’s #AVsectorand develop a decarbonisation pathway for suppliers road transport and mobile power fleets.

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Latest Events

Albert Production Summit 2023

Director of Sustainability, Lesley Marr, represented NXTGENbps in the WeAreALBERT panel session titled “Searching for Solutions”. The discussion was centred around innovative approaches to eco-friendly solutions… Read more >

KitPlus London

Our presence at the KitPlus Show helped us make it clear that NXTGENbps is on a mission to help industries transition to cleaner energy, aiming to replace noisy and polluting diesel generators with their eco-friendly alternatives… Read more >

She Talks

In the run-up to IBC – International Broadcasting Convention 2023, Lesley discussed what sustainability means to BPS on ‘She Talks’, and the challenges of moving to greener working practices facing the broadcasters and film and TV equipment manufacturers… Read more >

Product Highlights

NXTGENbps Goat

A portable power solution with 5kW/4.8kWh capacity, expandable up to 139.2 kWh with the NXTGENbps Billy Goat 9.6kWh. Ideal for on-location lighting, video setups, and more. It boasts a Pure Sine inverter, compatibility with various power sources, and rapid charging via a Type 2 car charger, reaching 0-100% charge in under 2 hours at up to 20A. Its robust design, featuring a Cast Aluminium and Carbon Fibre casing, is suitable for all conditions (IP67). Visit the product page here >

Coming Up in 2024

The BSC Expo

We’re excited to be a part of Europe’s premier film and TV production event for 2024! It’s a fantastic opportunity to stay updated on industry trends and connect with peers. The event will take place on February 16th and 17th, 2024, at Battersea Evolution in London. We’ll be sharing more about our involvement soon, so stay tuned for updates!

NXTGENbps: Albert Production Summit 2023 – Searching for Solutions

NXTGENbps stand at the albert Production Summit 2023

In a continued commitment to advancing sustainability in the production industry, NXTGENbps proudly participated in the highly anticipated albert Production Summit 2023. This event, held in Cardiff and hosted by the esteemed Behnaz Akhgar, brought together industry leaders to discuss pressing sustainability issues in production. 

Director of Sustainability, Lesley Marr, represented NXTGENbps in the panel session titled “Searching for Solutions”. The discussion was centred around innovative approaches to eco-friendly solutions, with a strong emphasis on harnessing technology to drive sustainable production practices. Key topics that took centre stage included the delicate balancing act of managing budgets while passionately pursuing sustainable objectives and the crucial role played by collaboration in supporting suppliers’ transition toward eco-friendly practices. 

Budgets and Impact: One critical takeaway from the panel was the recognition of the paramount importance of budgets when embarking on the sustainability journey. Despite the inherent financial constraints that many companies face, the discussion revealed that strategic resource allocation can empower organisations to make environmentally responsible choices. NXTGENbps showcased its commitment to optimising budgets without compromising on eco-friendly initiatives, setting a compelling example for the industry. 

Engaging with Suppliers: Collaboration and shared commitment to sustainability emerged as a recurring theme throughout the panel session. The dialogue underscored the pivotal role of suppliers in the sustainability equation, emphasising the need to ask the right questions to ensure that sustainable practices are upheld in the supply chain. NXTGENbps reiterated its dedication to forging partnerships with suppliers who align with their sustainability vision, ensuring a harmonious and eco-conscious production ecosystem. 

The albert Production Summit 2023 served as a platform for NXTGENbps to showcase its dedication to pioneering eco-friendly solutions in production, not just as a corporate responsibility, but as a genuine commitment to shaping a greener future for the industry. During the event, the Screen New Deal Transformation Plan for Wales Report was also launched, which charts a path to net zero and waste for the UK’s film and high-end TV industry, reflecting the united dedication of industry leaders to enact meaningful change and revolutionize the production landscape. This has reaffirmed the stance that, with innovation, collaboration, and responsible budget management, sustainable production practices are not only achievable but imperative for a sustainable future.  

As we continue to navigate the complex landscape of production, the insights and initiatives shared at the albert Production Summit 2023 will undoubtedly serve as a guiding light for those passionate about making a positive impact on the environment through sustainable production practices.  

Watch the full panel session “Searching for Solutions” here: 

NXTGENbps at the KitPlus Show in London

NXTGENbps at the KitPlus Show London

In an era where traditional diesel generators are causing more harm than good, NXTGENbps is making waves with a sustainable alternative. Showcasing at the KitPlus Show in London, we presented a clear solution: the NXTGENbps Goat and NXTGENbps Meerkat sustainable batteries, designed to usher in a new age of zero-emission and silent power.

Our presence at the KitPlus Show helped us make it clear that NXTGENbps is on a mission to help industries transition to cleaner energy, aiming to replace noisy and polluting diesel generators with their eco-friendly alternatives. And it was great to rub shoulders with a diverse array of suppliers and innovations.

Watch Lesley Marr, Business Development and Sustainability Director, talking about her experience of the show:

As she mentions in the interview, Lesley joined in the panel session hosted by Neal Romanek, “How to create a sustainable studio” discussing the framework which allows participating studios to improve their sustainability profile year on year. Her insights during the seminar highlighted the crucial need to embrace sustainability within studio operations, referencing the albert sustainability accreditation as a beacon guiding the way forward.

You can watch the panel session in full in the video below:

NXTGENbps’s participation in the show and the broader conversation on environmental responsibility underlines our commitment to a greener future. We’re not just part of the movement; we’re at the forefront, driving the industry toward sustainable power one battery at a time.