NXTGENbps: Albert Production Summit 2023 – Searching for Solutions

NXTGENbps stand at the albert Production Summit 2023

In a continued commitment to advancing sustainability in the production industry, NXTGENbps proudly participated in the highly anticipated albert Production Summit 2023. This event, held in Cardiff and hosted by the esteemed Behnaz Akhgar, brought together industry leaders to discuss pressing sustainability issues in production. 

Director of Sustainability, Lesley Marr, represented NXTGENbps in the panel session titled “Searching for Solutions”. The discussion was centred around innovative approaches to eco-friendly solutions, with a strong emphasis on harnessing technology to drive sustainable production practices. Key topics that took centre stage included the delicate balancing act of managing budgets while passionately pursuing sustainable objectives and the crucial role played by collaboration in supporting suppliers’ transition toward eco-friendly practices. 

Budgets and Impact: One critical takeaway from the panel was the recognition of the paramount importance of budgets when embarking on the sustainability journey. Despite the inherent financial constraints that many companies face, the discussion revealed that strategic resource allocation can empower organisations to make environmentally responsible choices. NXTGENbps showcased its commitment to optimising budgets without compromising on eco-friendly initiatives, setting a compelling example for the industry. 

Engaging with Suppliers: Collaboration and shared commitment to sustainability emerged as a recurring theme throughout the panel session. The dialogue underscored the pivotal role of suppliers in the sustainability equation, emphasising the need to ask the right questions to ensure that sustainable practices are upheld in the supply chain. NXTGENbps reiterated its dedication to forging partnerships with suppliers who align with their sustainability vision, ensuring a harmonious and eco-conscious production ecosystem. 

The albert Production Summit 2023 served as a platform for NXTGENbps to showcase its dedication to pioneering eco-friendly solutions in production, not just as a corporate responsibility, but as a genuine commitment to shaping a greener future for the industry. During the event, the Screen New Deal Transformation Plan for Wales Report was also launched, which charts a path to net zero and waste for the UK’s film and high-end TV industry, reflecting the united dedication of industry leaders to enact meaningful change and revolutionize the production landscape. This has reaffirmed the stance that, with innovation, collaboration, and responsible budget management, sustainable production practices are not only achievable but imperative for a sustainable future.  

As we continue to navigate the complex landscape of production, the insights and initiatives shared at the albert Production Summit 2023 will undoubtedly serve as a guiding light for those passionate about making a positive impact on the environment through sustainable production practices.  

Watch the full panel session “Searching for Solutions” here: 

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