NXTGENbps Powers Notorious DIT’s Green Energy Initiative with Innovative Battery Solutions 

Hampton, London, UK, 30 April 2024: NXTGENbps, a pioneer in green energy solutions, proudly announces its partnership with Notorious DIT, a leading provider of digital imaging technology services in the UK.  

Notorious DIT, part of the Molinare Creative Group, boasts a rich history rooted in post-production excellence, evolving into a powerhouse in digital imaging technology since 2010. The company’s bespoke services cater to a diverse range of productions, from high-end TV shows to independent feature films, ensuring that each project receives tailored solutions for LAB, DIT, data management, and more.  

Notorious DIT has recently invested in advancing its power infrastructure by transitioning its fleet and on set carts to NXTGENbps batteries, consisting of Goat, Billy Goat, Meerkat and Fox. These cutting-edge batteries serve as the backbone of Notorious DIT’s power solutions, providing reliable and eco-friendly energy sources for the company’s fleet of vans housing on set and near set LAB and DIT technology. This strategic integration of NXTGENbps batteries offers Notorious DIT unparalleled flexibility and security of power supply, enhancing operational efficiency during productions. 

Michael Pentney, founder and managing director of Notorious DIT shared, “as we navigate our green journey, it’s crucial that we partner with likeminded companies that align to our values and passion. NXTGENbps’s battery and energy solutions not only adhere to our sustainability goals but are extremely rugged and reliable – what you need when on a remote set abroad! Our journey is just getting started and I’m looking forward to working with NXTGENbps on expanding our partnership and integrating them further into our operations.” 

NXTGENbps has developed best in breed battery-powered energy solutions designed to replace diesel generators, offering silent, emission-free power solutions for various applications. With capacities ranging from 4.8kWh to 50kWh and beyond, NXTGENbps batteries provide reliable, eco-friendly power for film and TV, outside broadcasts, events, and beyond. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Notorious DIT and support their transition to greener, more sustainable production practices,” said Lesley Marr, director of business development and sustainability at NXTGENbps. “Our battery-powered solutions offer a viable alternative to traditional diesel generators, ensuring reliable power without compromising environmental integrity.” 

NXTGENbps generators can be recharged through a combination of traditional UK mains plugs, electric vehicle charging stations, or by harnessing pure green power from solar. As the industry evolves, NXTGENbps remains committed to innovation, continuously seeking new solutions and partnerships to enhance their product offerings. 

The partnership between NXTGENbps and Notorious DIT marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry’s transition towards sustainable power solutions, showcasing the potential for innovation and environmental stewardship to go hand in hand. 

TVB Europe: Sustaining the OB market in a greener way

We’re thrilled to be featured in the March issue of TVB Europe, showcasing our commitment to pioneering sustainability in outside broadcasts (OBs). At NXTGENbps, we’re leading the charge towards a greener future for the television industry. Partnering with industry leaders like ITV Studios and Plimsoll Productions, we’ve deployed our innovative battery-powered solutions on projects such as Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off. This collaboration not only reduced carbon footprints but also created quieter and safer working environments, demonstrating the impact of our commitment to greener practices.

Additionally, the article underscores our unwavering dedication to sustainability, particularly through our recent partnership with Green Kit. By offering LED lighting powered by eco-friendly solutions, together we’re reshaping the landscape of OBs.

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NXTGENbps and Green Kit Form Hire Partnership to Promote Sustainable Production 

Hampton, London, UK, 3 January 2024: NXTGENbps, the provider of zero emission, silent, green battery generators, is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Green Kit Ltd, a London-based film lighting hire company specialising in energy efficient lights The NXTGENbps Meerkat and Goat batteries, along with the Goat expansion battery Billy Goat, are innovative portable and sustainable power solutions designed to replace traditional, noisy, and carbon-emitting diesel generators – and they are now available to hire with Green Kit Ltd.  

Sustainability has become a paramount concern for filmmakers and production crews alike. By partnering with Green Kit, NXTGENbps continues to aid the film industry’s sustainability efforts, providing a rental option for a clean, quiet, and reliable power source that aligns with their eco-conscious values.  

“We are thrilled to partner with Green Kit to introduce the NXTGENbps Meerkat, Goat and Billy Goat batteries to the film and broadcast industry,” said Lesley Marr, Director of Sustainability at NXTGENbps. “This partnership signifies our commitment to making sustainable power solutions available for everyone. Hiring batteries from Green Kit will allow crews to reduce their carbon emissions whilst ensuring a seamless, silent production experience.” 

Green Kit recently rented out the Goat to power a satellite link from London to Doha ensuring that the live broadcast from outside of Westminster ran smoothly for the four-hour duration. Martin Langley, cameraman for the broadcast, commented, “Hiring the Goat for this broadcast was a game-changer. It saved the crew tremendous amounts of time with a quick and easy set-up, and being a silent battery generator, we didn’t have to worry about noise interference.”  

Green Kit Ltd is the first rental house to offer the NXTGENbps Goat battery for hire. Green Kit has always been dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of film production, and this collaboration represents a significant step toward a greener future for our industry. Pat McEnallay, Founder of Green Kit, added, “The Goat is a great addition for our organisation. With the industry coming back to full strength, it is important to offer the most advanced, sustainable technology.” 

NXTGENbps: The Definition Guide to… Batteries!

NXTGENbps, represented by Lesley Marr, Director of Sustainability, has contributed to the Definition Guide to… Batteries, delving into the latest battery technology advancements and their impact on filmmaking practices. The guide explores how recent innovations have led to smaller, more efficient batteries with enhanced energy density, presenting promising opportunities for reducing pollution and streamlining production processes. 

The Q&A also extends to emerging technologies, such as sodium batteries and hydrogen solutions, poised to shape the future of battery technology in filmmaking. NXTGENbps has shared crucial insights into customer considerations, safety measures, and regulatory compliance, which are all vital aspects of incorporating these cutting-edge power solutions into the film industry. 

This guide also provides a glimpse into the transformative potential of battery technology in the world of filmmaking. For a deeper dive into these developments and their implications, read the full guide linked below. 

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