NXTGENbps: The Definition Guide to… Batteries!

NXTGENbps, represented by Lesley Marr, Director of Sustainability, has contributed to the Definition Guide to… Batteries, delving into the latest battery technology advancements and their impact on filmmaking practices. The guide explores how recent innovations have led to smaller, more efficient batteries with enhanced energy density, presenting promising opportunities for reducing pollution and streamlining production processes. 

The Q&A also extends to emerging technologies, such as sodium batteries and hydrogen solutions, poised to shape the future of battery technology in filmmaking. NXTGENbps has shared crucial insights into customer considerations, safety measures, and regulatory compliance, which are all vital aspects of incorporating these cutting-edge power solutions into the film industry. 

This guide also provides a glimpse into the transformative potential of battery technology in the world of filmmaking. For a deeper dive into these developments and their implications, read the full guide linked below. 

Read the full guide here >

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