Sustainable Event Power: NXTGENbps & Event Electrix Hire Partnership

NXTGENbps is pleased to announce a new partnership with Event Electrix, a leading hire provider of innovative battery power solutions for the events industry.

As an official hire partner, Event Electrix will make NXTGENbps’s cutting-edge sustainable battery units available for short-term use, perfect for events and temporary setups. This partnership ensures that our advanced battery solutions are more widely accessible, offering flexible options for those who need reliable power.

Event Electrix has successfully implemented our battery units in various applications. For example, at the recent Wealden Times Summer Fair, their deployment of our batteries reduced fuel consumption by about 300 litres and CO2 emissions by an estimated 800kg. These achievements highlight the environmental benefits of using our advanced battery technology, even for short-term hires.

Event Electrix, based in Kent, has over 40 years of experience in providing temporary power solutions for the Film & TV Sector, Events Industry, and Backup & Emergency Power scenarios. They offer a wide range of generators, from diesel to hybrid, battery, and solar-enabled, and are dedicated to delivering high-quality, sustainable power solutions tailored to meet each client’s needs.

To learn more about how this partnership can benefit your next event, or to enquire about our innovative battery solutions, please visit our contact page.

Supporting the Firestone Bridge Conservation Project 

At NXTGENbps, we are committed to creating a sustainable future by supporting projects that align with our mission of reducing carbon emissions. That’s why we are excited to partner with the Firestone Bridge Conservation Project, raising funds for an initiative that is dedicated to restoring a unique ecosystem in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This project spearheaded by James McAleer exemplifies the type of environmental stewardship we advocate for. 

Why Firestone Bridge? 

James McAleer, a passionate eco-volunteer and activist, has undertaken an ambitious project to transform a fifty-acre parcel of land with a rich industrial history into a thriving natural habitat. This land, once a lead mine and Victorian council tip, is now a beacon of biodiversity and natural recovery. The Firestone Bridge Conservation Project is centred around the preservation and restoration of peatland, a crucial natural resource that covers only 3% of the Earth’s surface but stores over 30% of its soil carbon. 

Project Goals and Broader Impact 

The Firestone Bridge Conservation Project focuses on several key areas: 

  • Sphagnum Moss Farming: Cultivating sphagnum moss is essential for peatland restoration and carbon capture. 
  • Vegetation Restoration: Rehabilitating native plant species to support a diverse and resilient ecosystem. 
  • Research and Innovation: Conducting scientific studies to inform best practices in conservation. 
  • Wildlife Protection: Creating habitats for rare and endangered species. 
  • Historical Documentation: Preserving the rich industrial heritage of the area while promoting its natural recovery. 

How You Can Help 

We are fundraising for next phase of the Firestone Bridge Conservation Project. Your contributions will directly support: 

  • Scientific Research and Archaeology: Conducting essential studies to guide our restoration efforts. 
  • Purchasing a Solar-Powered Generator: Providing sustainable energy for our operations. 
  • Hiring a Digger: Enabling critical land restoration work. 
  • Installing an Irrigation System: Ensuring the health and growth of restored vegetation. 
  • Boundary Repairs: Protecting the area from external threats and encroachments. 

Our Commitment to a Greener Future 

At NXTGENbps, we are passionate about supporting initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. By partnering with the Firestone Bridge Conservation Project, we are helping to amplify their efforts and raise the necessary funds to achieve their goals.  

Your support is crucial to achieving this vision, so we ask you to please donate if you can and spread the word. Be a part of this transformative journey! 

Recognition at the RTS Technology Centre 2024 Summer Awards

We recently had the pleasure of attending the RTS Technology Centre 2024 Summer Awards as finalists in two categories, showcasing our commitment to community and sustainable practices. 

BPS has made a significant impact through community support initiatives. Our efforts in employee volunteering and fundraising for the Mama Youth Project have provided young people with essential skills and opportunities in the media industry. Over the years, BPS has raised over £10,000 for Mama Youth events and donated film equipment for use in their media training programs. 

Meanwhile, NXTGENbps was recognised for our pioneering work in green technology. Our zero-emission power solutions are transforming the industry with advanced battery technology, providing silent, emission-free power and significantly reducing environmental impact on set. A standout project was our collaboration with Plimsoll Productions on “Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off”, where our products saved half a tonne of CO2 emissions and achieved a 12% reduction in costs. 

Huge thank you to RTS Technology Centre for recognising our efforts and congratulations to all the other finalists and deserving winners. 

NXTGENbps and High Viz Media Group Deliver Sustainable Power for Motorsports Broadcast


NXTGENbps is committed to providing zero-emission battery power solutions for various industries, including film and TV. Our recent collaboration with High Viz Media Group involved an outdoor broadcast for a renowned automotive brand during their Family Day motorsports event. This case study demonstrates how our innovative Goat portable battery system enhanced broadcast efficiency and environmental sustainability. 

The Challenge 

The High Viz Media Group team were tasked with delivering comprehensive outside broadcasting facilities for a Family Day event at the automotive brand’s Hethel campus. The event required coverage of the vehicles and heritage cars racing around a former World War II airfield. The location’s lack of existing power infrastructure presented a significant challenge. Connect Live, the event production company, aimed to deliver as much of the production as possible using sustainable power solutions, while minimising risks associated with motorsport. 

Solution: The NXTGENbps Goat 

NXTGENbps provided the Goat portable battery to meet these challenges, offering a reliable and easy-to-use solution: 

  • Reliable Power Supply: The Goat’s 5kW/4.8kWh lithium-ion battery ensured a sustainable and uninterrupted power source. High Viz Media Group used two Goat batteries to power six PTZ cameras and other broadcasting equipment, maintaining uninterrupted live coverage. 
  • Efficient Solar Charging: Integrated with solar panels, the Goat allowed continuous power supply throughout the event. Starting the day at 90% charge and ending at 97%, it demonstrated efficient and reliable solar charging, increasing confidence in sustainable power solutions.
  • Silent Operation and Easy Deployment: The Goat’s silent operation eliminated noise pollution, preserving the event’s atmosphere and avoiding interference with audio feeds. Its portability enabled easy deployment across the Hethel campus, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency. 

Environmental Benefits 

The motorsports industry is making significant strides toward environmental sustainability, with increasing emphasis on reducing carbon footprints and promoting green technologies. The Goat’s zero emissions and silent operation provided a green alternative to traditional diesel generators, aligning perfectly with this vision. By utilising the Goat, High Viz Media Group ensured reliable and efficient power for their broadcast, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices and supporting the industry’s move towards a greener future. This approach promotes a healthier environment for both the crew and the audience, showcasing how sustainable solutions can be effectively integrated into motorsports events. 

Product Specification 

The NXTGENbps Goat is designed to deliver portable electrical power up to a maximum of 5kW/4.8kWh. The system features a built-in Pure Sine inverter, multiple power inputs (solar, DC, AC), and rapid charging capability via a Type 2 car charger. The Goat’s robust design ensures durability in all conditions (IP67 rated). 

Key features include: 

  • 5kW/4.8kWh Lithium-Ion Battery: Reliable and expandable power supply. 
  • Solar Charging: Supports charging while in use. 
  • Silent Operation: Ideal for noise-sensitive environments. 
  • Zero Emissions: Supports carbon-neutral operations. 
  • Robust Design: Suitable for various conditions and locations. 
  • Fast Charging: Full charge in 45 minutes with a 7kW EV charger. 


The successful deployment of the NXTGENbps Goat by High Viz Media Group showcases its effectiveness in providing reliable, portable power for live broadcasts. By choosing the Goat, High Viz Media Group ensured the smooth execution of their coverage and reinforced their commitment to environmental sustainability. NXTGENbps is proud to support High Viz Media Group in their efforts to deliver exceptional broadcasts while prioritising green energy solutions. 

NXTGENbps Goat and folding Solar Panels

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our PURE GREEN ENERGY solutions!

June Newsletter

NXTGENbps Round Up


NXTGENbps Partners with Sustainable Film to Promote Greener Practices in Film and TV

We’re so pleased to announce our partnership with Sustainable Film, a leading consultancy in film and TV production sustainability. This collaboration marks a significant step towards driving the entertainment industry towards greener practices and reducing its environmental footprint. 

Sustainable Film has acquired two NXTGENbps Owl Energy Track Pro Monitoring Boxes which will be integral to Sustainable Film’s consultancy services, providing detailed insights into energy usage on sets and helping production teams transition to sustainable energy solutions. Read more >

Our Green Innovations at Sustainability Behind the Lens Event 

The NXTGENbps team recently joined over 20 innovative companies at Sky Studios Elstree for the “Sustainability Behind the Lens” event, organised by The Production Guild of Great Britain’s Sustainability Committee. This event focused on reducing the environmental impact of film and TV production.

We were thrilled to showcase our zero-emission battery power solutions, highlight our new packages and 0% finance options, and spark discussions on how our advanced battery technology can help productions transition to cleaner energy sources. Read more >

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Product Highlights

Did you know that you can now explore our range of portable power solutions and accessories by visiting our online shop?

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The NXTGENbps Fox S provides up to 1kW continuous and 2kW peak power, perfect for remote or urban locations. Its compact design includes carry handles, an extendable handle, and wheels for easy transport, making it ideal for ENG camera crews and small lighting setups. The Fox S charges quickly in just 3.5 hours and offers long-lasting power with the convenience of solar charging and fast USB connectors for laptops and phones. It integrates seamlessly into your existing equipment, ensuring you stay powered up wherever you go. Find out more >

NXTGENbps Meerkat Powers Seamless ITV News Grand National Broadcast 


NXTGENbps is dedicated to providing zero-emission battery power solutions for the film and TV industry. Our latest collaboration with ITV News for the Grand National demonstrates how our innovative Meerkat portable battery system enhanced broadcast efficiency and environmental sustainability for one of the world’s most prestigious horse racing events.

The Challenge 

ITV News faced logistical challenges with the new presenting location for this year’s Grand National. Essential broadcasting equipment needed to be relocated from their standard OB vehicle, which typically relies on an onboard technical battery for about 6 hours of operation. With the vehicle away from its overnight charging point for multiple days, ITV News required a more reliable and sustainable power solution. 

Solution: The NXTGENbps Meerkat 

NXTGENbps provided the Meerkat portable battery to address these challenges and offer a reliable and easy-to-use solution: 

  • Extended Power Supply: The Meerkat’s powerful 5,000Wh lithium-ion battery offered a sustainable power source, allowing ITV News to avoid using the vehicle’s engine for charging. This approach is not only more efficient but also significantly better for the environment. Powering Essential Equipment: The Meerkat successfully powered crucial lighting and uplink equipment, ensuring optimal conditions for the broadcast. This capability was vital for maintaining an uninterrupted live broadcast. Integration with Existing Technology: By seamlessly integrating with ITV News’s existing broadcast technology, the Meerkat provided the necessary power for cameras, communication devices, and other broadcasting tools. This facilitated the streaming of three cameras with low latency back to the newsroom, ensuring viewers received high-quality, real-time coverage of the Grand National. 

Environmental Benefits 

Environmental sustainability is a core value for both NXTGENbps and ITV. NXTGENbps battery solutions align perfectly with this goal by providing a green alternative to traditional power sources. For the Grand National broadcast, the Meerkat delivered zero emissions and silent operation, reducing the carbon footprint of the event. By utilising the Meerkat, ITV News not only ensured reliable and efficient power for their broadcast but also reinforced their commitment to sustainable production practices, promoting a healthier environment for both the crew and the audience. 

Product Details 

The NXTGENbps Meerkat is designed to deliver portable electrical power up to a maximum of 16A with a 230VAC industrial output. The system comprises two main components: a battery box and a power conversion box, connected via a supplied cable. Both boxes feature carry handles and wheels for easy transportation. 

Key features include: 

  • 5,000Wh Lithium-Ion Battery: Can be charged separately from the power conversion box using its integrated charging system. 
  • LED Indicator: Displays the charge state of the battery during charging or discharging. 
  • Portability: The design ensures maximum portability and ease of use and transport at various locations. 


The successful deployment of the NXTGENbps Meerkat at the Grand National showcases its effectiveness in providing reliable, portable power for live broadcasts. By choosing the Meerkat, ITV News not only ensured the smooth execution of their coverage but also reinforced their commitment to environmental sustainability. NXTGENbps is proud to support ITV News in their efforts to deliver exceptional broadcasts while prioritising green energy solutions. 

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