NXTGENbps Partners with Sustainable Film to Promote Greener Practices in Film and TV 

Hampton, London, UK, 25 July 2024: NXTGENbps, a pioneer in battery power solutions and a champion of sustainable energy, announces a new partnership with Sustainable Film, a leading consultancy in film and TV production sustainability. This collaboration marks a significant step towards driving the entertainment industry towards greener practices and reducing its environmental footprint. 

Sustainable Film has acquired two NXTGENbps Owl Energy Track Pro Monitoring Boxes which will be integral to Sustainable Film’s consultancy services, providing detailed insights into energy usage on sets and helping production teams transition to sustainable energy solutions. 

The NXTGENbps Owl allows users to track power consumption from any source and obtain a true and accurate report of usage. It features customisable dashboards connected through the cloud, enabling precise visualisation of energy metrics. The Owl’s capabilities include live tracking of the asset, live visualisation of energy use with full remote access to this data via the app. Reporting is fully exportable and configurable with graphics in any format.  This makes the Owl perfectly suited for the demanding environments of film and TV production, where understanding, managing and reporting power consumption is crucial for sustainability efforts. 

Designed for ease of use on set, the Owl can be integrated into existing power setups, allowing production teams to monitor consumption at individual sockets or as a total. This granular level of monitoring helps identify specific areas where energy savings can be made, fostering more efficient and eco-friendly production practices. 

“We are excited about the synergy between NXTGENbps and Sustainable Film as we share a common goal of reducing the environmental impact of industry practices,” said Lesley Marr, director of sustainability at NXTGENbps. “Through this partnership, we aim to educate production teams and provide the tools to make informed decisions about their energy use and embrace sustainable alternatives.” 

Our Green Innovations at Sustainability Behind the Lens Event 

Last week, the NXTGENbps team attended the “Sustainability Behind the Lens” event at Sky Studios Elstree. Organised by The Production Guild of Great Britain’s Sustainability Committee, this event brought together industry professionals to explore the latest green technology from over 20 innovative companies, all focused on reducing the environmental impact of film and TV production. 

We were excited to showcase our zero-emission battery power solutions, highlighting our new packages and 0% finance options, and having discussions about how our advanced battery technology can help productions transition to cleaner energy sources. 

The event also provided a fantastic opportunity to network with industry friends and like-minded professionals to share insights on the challenges and opportunities of implementing green technologies on set. We were able to share our ideas on best practices and potential collaborations, reinforcing our belief that sustainability is a collective effort. 

A big thank you to everyone who visited our stand and to the event organisers for their hard work. We look forward to continuing these important conversations and advancing sustainable practices together.  

To find out more about our silent, zero emission power solutions, visit our online shop or contact our friendly team.