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A Greener Film and Television Industry with NXTGENbps

At NXTGEN BPS, it is our mission to be able to reduce the growing rate of global warming and the rising rates of CO2 in our atmosphere. We understand that in our industry of film and television, the carbon footprint is too high, and the industry needs to improve on its sustainability.

To help do this, here at NXTGEN we have implemented the use of renewable energy in order to run filming production sets with battery powered generators. These are powered by green and renewable energy, through both electricity and solar panels. These power the generators, to then power the sets that are being used within the film and television industry. The industry is unfortunately renowned for having a negative carbon footprint. By implementing use of the NXTGEN solar panels, the Goat generator and the Bear, this negative statistic can be changed over to a positive one. NXTGEN products are completely sustainable producing zero emissions, they are silent and portable too. They can also be used whilst charging and are a great way to be able to make a greener workplace within industry. At NXTGEN BPS, we are truly passionate about making a change for the best in reducing CO2 levels, increasing sustainability, and reducing the growing rate of global warming. With the generators and applications of NXTGEN, it is a really viable route for making industries greener and improving the carbon footprint, such as the film and television industry.

More than 100 actors are backing calls for a Green Rider – an environmentally friendly contract between performers and film and TV production companies.

Stars including Bella Ramsey, Stephen Fry and Natalie Dormer all signed a statement created by Equity for A Green New Deal setting out proposals to improve sustainability in the UK’s film and TV industry.

Riders are a set of clauses that actors can add to their contract – often before a job is accepted – detailing their requirements on set.

However, they are perhaps most infamously known for being used by high-profile talent to make demands, with stories of stars asking for all-white furniture, cute puppies and kittens on arrival, or the use of a private jet.

In contrast, the Green Rider would insert commitments to eco-friendly practices into the contracts of the stars, with suggested clauses including:

  • Artists avoiding large trailers, private air travel, or fossil-fuel powered road vehicles
  • Producers providing low carbon transport options such as trains and electric vehicles
  • Artists considering the carbon/environmental cost of additional food or comfort requests that require runners to go off site, and reducing them accordingly
  • Artists sharing trailers and dressing rooms to reduce energy use
  • Producers providing the artist with their carbon reduction plan

The Last Of Us star Ramsey, 19, called the Green Rider a “practical route to positive change” in the film and television industry.

They said: “We can make all the films in the world about Climate change but unless we are environmentally conscious in the process of making them, our efforts are superficial”.


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