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The Rising Installation of Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

Here at NXTGEN BPS, we are understanding of the significant importance of protecting our planet from the negative impact of climate change. It is our mission to reduce the rising rates of CO2 levels, our carbon footprints, and our fossil fueled energy usage. This is why we want to promote the use of renewable energy within our daily lives, in order to reduce the impact on climate change and ultimately increase sustainability. The increased use of renewable energy, such as solar panels, is a viable way of using sustainable energy in our day to day lives. The use of solar panels is not only more environmentally friendly to our environment, but economically viable too. Although the upfront cost may be a little expensive, the use of them will drive down the bills of electricity and power use within homes and businesses. The cost too is slowly falling with the use of using the solar panels, the cost will be quickly paid for against the savings of energy bills.

As well as our NXTGEN BPS solar panels, we also have our battery powered generators, such as the Goat. The Goat can be used to power a wide range of applications, with the solar panels being the brilliant companion. The Goat is widely compatible with solar panels with a universal connection ensuring that it any panels including domestic can delivery zero emissions and silent energy. By utilizing renewable energy resources that we have here at NXTGEN BPS, we are reducing our reliance of fossil fueled powered energy resources, as well as reducing carbon emissions, global warming and the cost of providing our lives with the power that we need.

UK households and businesses have installed more heat pumps and solar panels than ever before, according to the body that accredits low carbon products.

MCS says more than 120,000 solar panels have been installed since the start of the year, and over 3,000 heat pumps have been installed each month on average.

If this rate continues, analysts say nearly 250,000 households could have renewable energy installed by the end of the year.

It comes as the government pledged to reach its target of 70GW of solar capacity by 2035 and 600,000 heat pump installations by 2028.

To incentivize the scheme, the government are offering people in England between £5,000 and £6,000 under the boiler upgrade scheme.

In Scotland, people can claim between £7,000 and £9,000 with an additional loan option of £7,500.

Norman Pitt had his solar panels, heat pump and batteries fitted with help from the government.

The remaining of the article can be read here by Sky News, written by Shamaan Freeman-Powell.