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I heard there was a large music festival last weekend?

Glastonbury main

Something we had in the planning for a while was working with the Green Futures Crew at Glastonbury to help power their needs for the festival.


Along came our pure green battery generators….2 bears, 2 goats and a goat expansion pack. They were all very at home in the green fields surroundings. Powered by our solar panels too, the weather was good and everyone was very happy !


Together the versatile units powered a mix of Toadhall (the main music stage in the green futures field), a smaller stage 15-18 hrs a day. They also supported the crew base, ticket office, refrigeration, cooking facilities and even the lighting for the crew storage containers which ran for two weeks. The only power we used to recharge was solar. The great thing about the green fields site is that no fossil fuels or HVO is allowed.  As you can see from some of the pictures – there was plenty of cloud cover but that wasn’t an issue.


So we proved that battery with solar can power a festival field. No problem.

It’s really time to ditch diesel and move to greener power.

The show went live to air on Friday 26th May.

The Bear even got on-air and of course unlike a diesel or hybrid generator was able to be placed right up close to the presenters and action due to it’s silent operation.