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NXTGENbps Provides Greener Power to Mobile Cafe

Cafe Shoot

The mobile cafe van normally uses a diesel generator which is obviously pumping out nasty emissions and is very loud in the tranquil park next to the river thames.

The coffee van proprietor usually spends around £16 a day on fuel to run the generator. They power a fridge-freezer, warming cupboard, coffee machine, lighting, smoothie blenders, kettle and a radio. This totals around 1.6 KW per hr of power required.

The GOAT with 2 solar panels ran for 8 hrs had 40% power remaining, so this would in theory provide 2 days of free renewable energy. Even better the GOAT was powering the coffee van whilst the solar continued to top up the battery generator.

With this solution the cost of purchasing a GOAT with panels would pay back within a year !

NXTGENBPS love the fact that cycling is a diverse, green, sustainable sport and is ideal for supporting our zero emission goals.

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